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Sports Statistics Edition v1.21


v1.21 is the most recent version of Time Series Lab - Sports Statistics Edition.
Supported platforms: Windows 10 (64 bit), Windows 11 (64 bit).

Make sure to read the license agreement before installing the program.

Data provided by https://www.football-data.co.uk.

Time Series Lab - Sports Statistics Edition should be cited whenever it is used in the following way: Lit, R. (2019-2020), Time Series Lab - Sports Statistics Edition: https://timeserieslab.com.


v1.21: 2020-11-26

  • Bug fixed that made TSL incompatible with some computers with AMD64 processor architecture

v1.20: 2020-10-13

  • Explanatory variables can be added to the model
  • The double Negative Binomial distribution is added to the pairwise distributions
  • The sample means of scored and conceded goals can be used as initialisation for dynamic models
  • More stable likelihood computation

v1.10: 2020-10-05

  • Small bug fixes

v1.00: 2020-09-30

  • First version of program