Customizable software

The Time Series Lab - Score Edition software is proprietary software that can be downloaded using this link. The software is licensed without cost, including commercial purposes. Make sure to read the license agreement before installing the program. Some users / companies require more specialized features of the software. Therefore, Time Series Lab - Score Edition can be made available in a commercial package, fully customized to suit the clients' needs.

Although the Time Series Lab - Score Edition software is capable of analyzing a great variety of time series, experienced users might require additional functionality. One can think of:
  • Automatic distribution and component selection
  • The ability to sequentially analyze univariate time series thereby eliminating the need to select one time series at a time
  • Multivariate analysis of a panel of time series to uncover dynamics between time series
  • Specific output requirements
  • Extended graphical and forecasting capabilities
  • Many more extensions

From the above, sequentially analyzing univariate time series and multivariate analysis are by far the most comprehensive when it comes to the correct implementation of time series methodology and coding effort. Customization of this software program is not free of cost. Please Contact us for more information about customized versions and pricing of the software.